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July 8. 2017




Are children allowed on the Open Source Festival area? Do they have to pay for entrance?

Generally, a music festival is not necessarily an age-appropriate place for children.
We leave it to the parents to decide whether to take their children or not. Mandatory requirement is suitable hearing protection, which must be brought . At the entrance we only have earplugs which are not suitable for children.

For children up to 12 years entrance free.
Children older than 12 years pay the full price. For adolescents under 16 years entrance is not permitted without a parent or legal guardian.
Adolescents aged 16 up to and including 17 years are not pemitted to reside on the festival area after 12.00 midnight.

Which is the best way to get to the Open Source Festival area?

If you arrive by public transport, drive to the stop „Staufenplatz“. From there shuttle busses will bring you to the festival site and back again in the evening.
Located at Staufenplatz you can also find a free car park. The car park at the festival site costs 3,-€. For detailed information click hier.

Can I leave my car on the car park after the festival?

Yes you can, but the car park will no longer be guarded after the festvial.

Is camping allowed on the car park?

Unfortunately not. We have not received a permission that allows camping. The car park will be checked after the festival.

Can I bring my own food/drinks?

No. Bringing your own food and drinks in any packaging is strictly forbidden. It will be taken care of your well-being on the festival site.
Exception: for children under 3 years a max.1 liter bottle per child (plastic, PET, no glas) may be brought with you to the festival site .

Can I bring my camera?

Taking pictures on the festival site is generally allowed as long as the photos are only for private use. An industrial or commercial use of images is prohibited.
A publication of recordings of any kind without the explicit permission of the artist/promoter is prohibited and will result in criminal prosecution. Please leave all cameras at home that look like professional equipment ( for e.g. Tripod+Lens).

Is there a box office?

Generally yes, unless all tickets are sold out before the festival. The box office opens at 12.00 noon 08.07.2017. We will inform you in advance whether there are still tickets for sale and how many.

Can I change my ticket?

Unfortunately tickets are not returnable.

Can wheelchair users drive on the festival site?

Yes, we already had wheelchair users on the festival site in the past. But: The forecourt is covered with gravel so that an advancement is only possible with a companion. The accompanying person gets free entrance but the wheelchair user still has to pay the full price.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately it is not permitted to bring animals with you to festival site.